REAL: Respect, Excellence, Attitude, & Leadership


In-school Group Mentoring program for boys 6th-8th grade.

Children are the Greatest‘s group mentoring program REAL (Respect, Excellence, Attitude and Leadership) supports at-risk youth of color in three spheres the school sphere, the community sphere and the family sphere. The school sphere provides targeted students with SBM- School-Based Mentoring following a researched based structure provided by a trained male Group Mentor. The community sphere provides supplementary CBM- Community Based Mentoring and bonding time twice a week after school and on Saturdays. The family sphere includes regular contact with parents or guardians, home visits and training to increase parents skills in understanding their child and supporting their education.

The goal of the REAL program is to demonstrate an impact on improving student overall achievement, attendance and behavior modification for at-risk males of color by providing them with caring adults who can facilitate healing, bonding and empowering. The objective to provide strong positive male role models to boys who lack this in three spheres will focus the program towards meeting the long term outcomes. Participating students will not fall victim to dropping out, incarceration or homicide but will be focused on their education and future goals putting them on the right path to success.

Our Group mentoring program REAL (Respect, Excellence, Attitude & Leadership) is currently being implemented at Tanner Duckrey Elementary School 2010 – 2011 in North Philadelphia for 40 middle school boys. We also support the entire student body of 400 with special programs that include, mural painting, community service projects, one on one mentoring and tutoring, special after school activities and guest speakers.

Support for Saturday Academy: Our Group mentoring program “REAL” is also being implemented for 60+ boys and girls every Saturday in collaboration with HOPE worldwide PA at the Winchester Recreation Center in North Philadelphia.

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