Reading List

Mentoring Incarcerated Children

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My Mother and I Are Growing Stronger by Inez Maury. New Seed Press, PO Box 9488, Berkeley, CA 947099, ISBN# 0-938678-06-X.

Two in Every Hundred: a special workbook for children with a parent in prison Reconciliation, 702 51st Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37209, (615) 292-6371.

When Andy’s Father Went to Prison by Martha Whitmore Hickman. Albert Whitman and Company, 5747 Howard Street, Niles, IL 606487-4012, ISBN #0-8075-8874-1.

Children At-Risk

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There are no children here. Anchor books. Doubleday. (paper)
Story of two boys growing up in the Henry Horner projects in Chicago.

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His autobiography on his involvement as a child in gangs and drugs and how he brought himself out of it.

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— Intimate violence. New York: Touchstone.
Reports a nationwide study of violence in families.

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Frank Furstenberg, Jr., Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, & S.

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Reports about community based interventionprograms across the United States. All the programs used people from the community to deliver the program services.

The Insight Team of The Sunday Times of London (1979) — Suffer the children: The story of thalidomide.

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